David Hamilton

One Of Those Wise People

““Joseph Clough is one of those wise people who seems to know exactly what makes people tick and also how to help people to be the most they could be. I’m sure by reading this book you’ll take giant steps towards being your potential.”

David HamiltonBestselling Author
Tim Freke

Joseph Clough Is An Inspiration!

“ Joseph gives us the tools we need to become all that we can be. He encourages us to dare to dream and then to live the dream. 

Tim FrekeBestselling Author
Tim Wheater

Rare And Articulate Insight

“Joseph provides a rare and articulate insight, his words and philosophy resonate deeply in these times of change, he is a true master of communication and brings great inspiration to many with his words of wisdom.”

Tim WheaterBest Selling and Award Winning Composer
Alexandra Watson

Joseph Gets To The Heart

“Joseph gets to heart of you and your potential. If you ever wonder to yourself about how you can be, do and have more in your life, he provides you with a soul-centered and effective solution. You can live your potential starting today and Joseph will be your excellent guide.”

Alexandra WatsonBestselling Author


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