Welcome to the ‘Be Your Potential’ seminar series. I am so excited for your taking this opportunity to transform your life. The nature of doing so means you are ready to step up and make the changes you desire, whether it is in your health, relationships, career or finances.

Whatever you want, it is all yours to manifest in your life. To help you along your way, not only do you get to take part in the seminar as if you were there in person, but you will also have the opportunity to watch it time and time again at your leisure to deepen your transformation. You will also get a link to download the workbook, so you can take the time to get your thoughts on paper while you watch the programme. The exercises in the workbook are essential, as they will help you become very clear in what you want in your life and what you want to let go of. Therefore, once we get to the life changing processes in the course, you will be able to make the changes you want simply, quickly and easily.

Welcome to the ‘Be Your Potential’ Seminar with best-selling author Joseph Clough.

In Lesson 1, we begin the journey of laying the foundations to your success and getting the inner information you need to make the biggest impact on your life and the world. Whether is for personal growth, health, relationships, career and money.

Joseph gives you an insight on how he used to be, from suffering from low self esteem, shyness and fear for the first 18 years of his life and how he can give you the important tools on how to make the transformation you desire.

This is also the time to get clear on your goals for the weekend, so you will be able to achieve them throughout each lesson.

So ‘What do you want?’ ‘If anything was possible, what change would you make in your life?’

Having got the foundations on lesson 1, we move onto lesson 2. This is where we are getting clear on what is stopping you being your potential and getting clarity on your goals to make them happen. Including:

Finding out what habits are holding you back and wish to finally let go of.

Understating what habits you do that are actually wiring and supporting you, that way, we can tap into them and utilise them in every area of your life.

Considering what exciting new habits if you had by watching the event, would cause you to get success in life.

You will also dig deeper into your goals, to understand how they come together as a whole and how they can be manifesting together.

You are not your issue; I will share with you how you no longer have to battle with your unconscious mind, and instead, how you can get it in sync with your desires, so that it works for you, by realising the intention behind any issue, emotion, limiting belief or block that you have.

Your Perception Is Your Projection. The truth of the matter is, that you need to know how your mind and body works to be able to transform it. When you get the inside information on how your mind is intimately connected with not only your body, but the outside world, and the results you are getting, you will be able to cultivate your mind so that you will get the the results that you want on auto-pilot. Now is the time to purposefully project and radiate what you want in your life.

I also have you join in on exercise on how your body responds to your thoughts, which can either limit us or unleash us. The choice is yours – you have the power to utilise your mind to go beyond your physical perceived limitations.

So brace yourself for the concept, that rather being simply a product of life, you can instead allow life to be a product of what you choose to create – that is mastery. Its time to give up your excuses and reasons for ultimate change.

I want to share with you the perfect and total system on how you can live in the ‘now’, to be fully present in life in such a way that causes you to see more opportunities you need to be the real you. The beauty of my system is that by applying this Living In The Now System you will also be free of your past issues and future anxieties and doubts.

It’s no secret the the power of focus is a key ingredient in getting your success. Its noted throughout history, every change maker of the past and present has had to utilise the power of focus in achieving their desire. Now is your time to know not on how it works, but also how you can make it work for you.

You will also be able to choose the mindsets, resources and behaviours you want to have more constantly than ever and then go on the hypnotic journey guide by me, to access and install them at unconscious level.

In this lesson you will be able into rapport with your unconscious mind by understanding its prime directives for serving you and also how it can make simple mistakes, but how you can get your unconscious mind to learn from them. When you understand this prime directives you will know how to make them work for you, so you can take back control.

Including, why negative emotions are formed in your system, why we continue to unconsciously hold emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt and Hurt, but more importantly how you can release them from your mind and body and actually solve, evolve and grow because of them.

Having learned the truth on how our emotions are formed and held in our mind and body, we can now get the vital importance of learning’s to release the emotions. Whether you have anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt, you will get clear on the negative emotions you desire to release, get full commitment and to finally release them once and for all on the Emotion Release process guided by me.

Are you ready to be free of the emotions holding you back?

How would that release allow you to let in the empowering feelings you desire how would it transform your present and future?

In life you encounter many situations and people, each on can leave an imprint on how you experience the world around you. This can allow you to be a better you, but sometimes throughout life some people and situations can actually hold you back, in reality they have a hold on you. It could be your family, bosses, teachers, the economy or even our first heart break. Each one we are tied too, we have an association to at a deep unconscious level. But we do not have to allow that energetic tie to hold us back.

On the flip side, you may wish to reconnect a fresh with anyone you desire, so you can have that deep connection and relationship to anyone or anything that you choose, causing you to transform your connections in everything you do now and in the future.

I will show you how they have an impact and then guide you on how you can dissolve energetic ties that do not serve you and to also deepen the bond with those you choose too, so that you can move forward without the past holding you back.

Beliefs make up your world, they can empower you to achieve anything you desire, or they can debilitate and hold you back in every situation.

Henry Ford once said ‘“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Well those thoughts you have are defined and run by the beliefs you have about yourself and the world.

Beliefs define your thoughts and capabilities, which in turn control your feelings and behaviors in life. If one of those beliefs are negative and limiting then they will hold you back in being your potential. Whether its ‘I am not worthy or good enough’, ‘I cannot earn the money I want to’ or beliefs about your health or relationships, now is the time to let them grow and to also instill new beliefs that will support you, keep you safe and drive you forward in any endeavour.

You will also learn why you self sabotage yourself, You see, if you were in conscious control of your self sabotage, you would have changed it by now. The fact that you cannot, must mean that your mind is running this issue at an unconscious level. But if you let go of self sabotage it will mean you are 100% aligned consciously and unconsciously to achieve your goals.

Your environment is not important; the identity of you is and will transform all.

The greatest relationship you will ever have is with yourself, we should be our very own best friend. But sadly we rarely are. In fact we would never speak to our best friend like we do with ourselves. But that will now change, this is a mind awakening processes to your potential that is always present. It is a shift in perspective that will create an inner structure of security that will propel you forward in any situation or goal to achieve. This session will also include taking you on a hypnotic journey to make them a reality and allow you to experience yourself beyond self imposed limitations of the mind.

In session 9, we also start a new direction to our thinking – your future!

Together we will consider and create a clear mindset of what it takes to create a goal that will actually work for you! Now is the time to consciously create your future, rather it just happening to you and how to remove the inner blocks that get in the way of succeeding. Now is the time to let go of the critical conflicts such self sabotage, ambiguity, time, responsibility and flow.

Having understood the critical components of creating your future in session 9, now is the time to create your ‘time of your life’ goal planning session. Here you will get the total clarity in what you want for every area of your life. This will the create congruency in your mind and body to unconscious attract your goals on auto-pilot. I have personally used this for every goal I have achieved, in fact I give you my goals and plans that have mostly been succeed years a head of time – so you can get the real way of doing for yourself.

Then, have created your future, I will guide you in a profound hypnotic process to allow it to sink deeply into your unconscious mind. There is nothing better than getting your mind and body to working for you – that is where the magic happens.

So lets create your future, exactly the way YOU want it!

Having developed your vision and put it into your future the next step of the process is how we can keep the momentum and energy in getting it quicker than ever. This comes in two parts, it comes through the energising your vision and key elements that will bring it into your reality.

Then, I will share with you the ultimate truth of how conflicts arise and how to resolve them. I will break down how any emotional conflict or issue is created, why it remains and more importantly how you can utilise this information to be free of conflicts now and in the future.

By now you will have understood having watched session 11, so now you will be able to watch this transforming process to resolve conflicts and learn how you can do this for your self. This process can truly be life changing – take this opportunity to make that change too!

Then I will teach you transforming mindsets for living a rich life in health, relationships, career and money – live life the way it is meant to be, with meaning and love.

And finally I will share with you my six profound steps for success in every area – now is your time to thrive!

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